I been sold to Frostgrave since my first game. A lovely sandbox style game. Every month I try to paint a few models for filling in pieces of the beastiary. Some model I'm giving snowy bases. Other only get regular stone basing, as I want to use them for other games as well. Both HeroQuest and Dungeon Saga collections are pulling weight in Frostgrave as well.

A linkbase to browse the individual blog posts, all with multible photos.

Chaos Dwarf Warband
Making a Chaos Dwarf warband to use in Frostgrave. So far I've done a

Wood Elf Ranger
 A lovely metal model by Admiralty Miniatures.

Frostgrave Core Beastiary 
It's a bit of a dream to paint up a complete Frostgrave Beastiary - for fun mostly.


Thaw of the Lich Lord

Terrain / tutorials
  • PIllars. From wedding cake decor. Tutorial and showcase.
  • Ruined walls. Made from cut up toys and cork. Full tutorial and showcase.
  • A small ruin and a tudor house, mdf terrain, by Figurebitz. See them and read about painting them here.
  • Cheap trees turned into cool terrain. A tutorial on Frostgrave trees.
  • Ulterior Motives - cheap homemade objectives for this expansion. Full blog post.

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