19 January 2018

40k: Malignant Plague Caster

The Malignant Plague Caster is a chaos sorcerer for the Death Guard. At first i really disliked the face on the model, but painted it looks okay. I some regards he's better than a regular sorcerer, because he inflicts extra damage when doing good die rolls. ... I just tend to forget all those special rules.

15 January 2018

Frostgrave: Photo post

A post with lots of photos from projects finished in January 2017. Click the photos for larger versions.

For all my posts on Frostgrave models and terrain click here.

Terrain Tutorial: Pillars

I've made some ancient civilization style pillars for my games of Frostgrave. It was a nice little project to do, cheap and good looking. For this project I've gone with colours and style matching my other Frostgrave stuff. But I might do these for Ghost Archipelago - in sand stone colours. Would also work for some easy Gangs of Rome terrain.

Showcase photos in the bottom of the post or in this (with other photos as well) picture post.

  • Wedding cake pillars. Found mine on Ali Express for less than 1$ per pillar. 
  • Cork sheet. You can use cheap a trivet from Ikea. 
  • Iron bolt, nut or screw
  • Plastic card
  • Super glue
  • Bases: Cardboard, flock, woodglue
Step 1:
Having scatter terrain fall over is the worst! I hate it. So I always try to add bases to it (like pallets for modern scatter). I've used some 4mm cork sheet. Draw up some squares a bit larger than the base of the pillars.

Step 2:
Cork can break to easily, so glue some cardboard beneath it. I use woodglue. Put a book on it, while it dries.

Step 3: 
Cut out the bases. To be absolutely sure these won't fall over, I've super glued som old iron screws to the cork bases. The pillars are hollow, so it's no problem.

Step 4:
Glue the pillars to the bases. I cut up two pillars for some broken ones. Made some thin cardboard bases for those.

Step 5:
Close up the top of the pillars with thin plastic card or cardboard.

Step 6:
Do the same with the broken pillars. I've made clean cuts, so it's easy to cover with a disc piece.
For the broken pillars I've added som tiles to the base and spread sand on it, while the glue was wet.

Step 7: 
For painting I've base coated with a cheap grey spray. Washed the pillars in Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed it all light grey.

Step 8: 
Add some greens. I use green flock for crawling ivy style plants. And add snow. I make my own snow paste from a mixture of wood glue, water, white acryllic paint, baking powder and white aquarium sand.

Step 9:
I frostcoat all my Frostgrave terrain with a white spray. Sprayed in short bursts from 60cm (2') distance. Gives a nice look, like on a really cold morning - and dulls the green flock. After this I add brown grass and winter flowers .

The fun 'playing with dolls' part. Putting it all up and taking some nice photos. Snow shots done with the app 'Just Snow'. Gaming mat by Ceri Design (cheap felt mats).

11 January 2018

Frostgrave: Werewolves

A couple of werewolves for the Frozen City - though one is actually a wererat. The wolf is a cheap Reaper Bones model, lovely sculpt. He's bigger than a standard human, so a good sized werewolf. The metal rat is probably a Games Workshop model. Got him through a trade once.

There's so many monsters in this game, most will never even be encountered.

The bases are done with miliput and a sculpting tool.

10 January 2018

40k: Foetid Bloat-Drones

I think these are some of the coolest models I've ever owned. Dark, grim, ugly. They fit my image of the dark 40k setting perfectly.

Besides being cool looking, they are brutal on the battle field. I've no plan of running them with flesh-mowers or greater blight launchers. The plague spitter in combination with the FLY rule is a bloody combo. A must in a Death Guard army.

I've been very succesful with keeping a Herald of Nurgle nearby, buffing the strength of their weapons and healing them if injured.

I haven't done any conversion work on these models. But I have used different colours for the skin, boils and metals. And added some different stripe patterns on the front of them as well.

I have three more of these models, but I'm gonna convert them into Mythic Blighthaulers instead. Get a bunch of cool bits from them as well.

8 January 2018

Frostgrave: Wraiths

Gonna use these models as both Wraiths, Spectres and Frost Wraiths in my games of Frostgrave. One is a Reaper Bones model (a freebie send from my hobby stuff supplier) and the other from the Water Element set of Loka Chess by Mantic Games.

I bascoated both models goblin green, gave them quick shade dip and then drybrushed with luminescent green from Vallejo. Gives are real nice glowing effekt on the skellies.

3 January 2018

Frostgrave: Snow Trolls

Another part of the beastiary project for core game Frostgrave. Snow Trolls! One model is an old Games Workshop troll from a core box and the other is a cheap Reaper Bones model.

Painted them both with the same blue. But the bones model was primed white and the troll was already black. It was interesting to see have different the colour is depending on the base coat. Covered both trolls in snow, as I imagine the snow trolls as being cold - magical monsters and all that.

The bases are made from miliput, stone pattern and a grate on one of them.

2 January 2018

Dungeon Saga: Skeletons

The Dungeon Saga skeletons have a very classic feel. Very thin sculpts though, not too strong. I've added some bow strings to the bows, as I always do.

For these skeletons I wanted to test the Army Painter dip to it's maximum and I decided to not even paint the bone parts of the models. This is just the bone coloured with dip straight on - it works surprisingly well. I won't do it again though, it's just a bit too easy. But after dip and matt varnish the plastic looks painted.

1 January 2018

2017 Paint Count

Set myself a '365 models in a year' here in 2017. After June, here's my project report. Counting terrain pieces, 3d counters, scatter terrain as models as well.

January (31): 25 TWD Survivors, 5 TWD cars, 4 barricades, 1 badge = 35 (+4)

February (28): 2 TWD barricades, 1 dumbster, 2 mailboxes, 11 loot counters, 6 tents, 1 campfire, 1 tank, 21 deadzone rebs = 45 (+17)

March (31): 31 deadzone plague, 1 RV, 1 Shipping Container, 17 trees = 50 (+19)

April (30): 20 DZ marauders, 1 Chaos dwarf, 1 mercenary ogre, 1 elevator tower, 12 palettes with cargo = 35 (+5)

May (31): 30 DZ asterians, 1 elf, 1 emisarry, 1 fuel depot = 33 (+2)

June (30): 20 TWD, 1 Chaos dwarf, 6 DZ enforcers, 5 Forge Fathers, 5 Ghouls = 37 (+7)

July (31): 16 Bloodbowl Human, 2 goblins, 17 TWD = 35 (+4)

August (31): 7 Fences. 4 Haybales, 1 tractor, 2 CDs, 1 Morg N Thorgh, 1 Brokkr Chief, 2 Bomb Bots, 8 item crates, 2 Plague Drones, 1 Nurgle Bell Ringer, 20 TWD models = 49 (+18)

September (30): 24 twd, 8 FG trees, 2 houses = 34 (+4)

October (31): 1 DG Drone, 7 DG Marines, 35 Frostgrave, 7 Ulterior Motives terrain = 50 (+19)

November (30): 8 Death Guard, 1 typhus, 3 deathshroud, 1 herald of nurgle, 1 spider, 2 small construct, 1 medium construct, 4 imps, 1 mortarion, 12 cultists = 34

December (31): 24 pox walkers, 1 cultist (-7)

In all: 427 models done this year. Inlcuding smaller token models and big scratch build terrain pieces. Counting only infantry models on bases the number would be 343.

Happy new year! Next year my goal is to get BINGO!