9 April 2018

TWD: Crashed Helicopter

Academy Models is a Korean producers of model kits that are super cheap. I found this nice Highway Patrol helicopter on Ebay. I've put together a couple of Academy model sets (like the tank I use for The Walking Dead)

The quality on this kit was very love, the clear plastic parts didn't fit the helicopter hull. So for anything other than a crashed heliptor, I'm not sure I would use this. But for the price, it's a nice scenery piece.

After assembly I heated the rotor blades with a candle light, to warp them. Also melted the front glass, to put the helicopter into the base, when the plastic was soft. The door broke of the helicopter while taking photos, so glued it to the base.

For painting I went with a yellow and blue 'Beredskabsstyrelsen' Triangles. It's something that resembles FEMA in Denmark. THe base is a brown with grey drybrush - no shrub or static grass. This was the chopper can be crashed in multible environments.

I also have a Mars Attacks truck, painted in the same way. Need to get a few boiler suit wearing walkers, paint them in yellow uniforms as well.

6 April 2018

TWD: Boats

I found these small boats in a thrift store, for 0,5€ pr. boat. That's the same as nothing. The red boat had some off scale seats in it, but they were secured with phillips screws. After removing them, I cut some plastic card and inserted instead.

See my other The Walking Dead stuff.

The size of the red boat is perfect, neatly fitting three 25mm bases.

The brown boat is not nearly wide enough in the bottom, but will still hold a few models.

Both boats were given a layer of matt varnish, then some washes. Picked put a few details with a new colour.

A really cool thing is the trailer, it came with the red boat - giving more versatility for use in scenarios.

Scenario idea - Make it to the river
Can be played solo or with two opposing gangs. A herd of walkers is moving towards the survivors, they have to make it to the river and escape by boat.

Set-up: 2'x'4 playing area. A river in one end, the other part covered in forrest. One boat is placed on the river, the other on the trailer in the wooded area. Put four cars on the board as well. The survivors start on the table end opposite the river.

Walkers: Set up a few walkers on the board. From turn 2 and onwards 2 blue dice walkers enter the board from the side opposite the river. All walkers (not moved by noise) will automatically shamble towards the river at the end of the event phase.

This is in addition to any walkers entering the board from Events.

Objective: Get as many survivors as possible into the boats. Using an action a survivor can start a boat and move off the board.

The boat on the river is lacking fuel. Survivors will have to siphon gas from the cars, to start that boat. Use an action, next to a car, roll a black dice and on a ✪, the survivor has successfully siphoned gas. Only one attempt can be used pr car.

The boat on the trailer (or on the ground if you don't have a trailer), must be pushed to the river. If a survivor stands next to the trailer, using a move action can push it.

1 survivor: The trailer can be pushed (or boat dragged) up to sneak distance - causing Noise.
2+ survivors (moving at the same time): The trailer can be pushed up to run distance - causing Noise.

When the boat have reached the river, a survivor can spend an action to move it off the board.

3 April 2018

TWD: Days Gone Bye Ch. 2

Chapter 2 - City Slicker
Rick is entering Atlanta to find his family. For a better city feel I added some buildings to the map. A tank is also fitting, it's a nice scene in the TV series.

From Chapter 1 I had secured three Supply Counters and could choose 15 extra points worth of equipment in this scenario. With 35 points to spend, Rick got equipped with a Horse and Rick's Hatchet. The model of Rick on Horse is so cool - and I never use it in games.

I made it through this chapter on the first attempt, but only just. Lots of extra Walkers made it into the map and it turned into night from an Event. Being night, I limited Ricks speed to 8'' (as the line of sight) - couldn't have him speed around in darkness on a horse.

Threat went to 17 as Rick made it off the board, only carrying two Supply Counters. He was slighty wounded. Wouldn't have had time to pick up any more, it was too dangerous. Two times Rick was fighting with two walkers at the same time. Woudln't had taken much for me to loose this round.

Solo mode is still feeling balanced. This map could have been pretty hard, had I played without the horse.

Read Chapter 1.

TWD: Days Gone Bye Ch. 1

I've waited for a long time to throw myself into playing The Walking Dead scenarios. The main reason being that I wanted 3d terrain for it all.

Chapter 1: Gun Running
The first scenario have Rick, Morgan and Duane going to the Cynthia police department for guns. Having only 20 points for equipment I went with a screw driver, a shovel (for bashing the door) and a crowbar.

A few changes to the scenario. I played with a building, having to smash the door (makes Noise) to get inside and get the guns. Having to also get off the map, carrying the guns.

Normally the scenario ends after a successful Smash roll on the bag of guns.

Random walker entry. When walkers enter the map from Events, I roll a d4 for random table edge, then a d24 for the number of inches from the corner. Can cause some real trouble for the survivors.

I lost the scenario three times. First time was okay and a Car Alarm went off. Thought it a good thing, but the Threat went up too high and two armored walkers came to the table. Also Rick and Morgan was bitten by the end.

Second try stopped after turn 2. Rick got bitten by a Lurker and Duane got blasted by a booby trap. Then came night fighting and threat would go up by two every turn (instead of one) - game over.

Third try went really good. I made it all the way to the police station. But the door wouldn't break! Morgan and Rick hammered it, nothing happened. Making Noise every time. Then I drew a '+1 threat / draw two more Events' card. Sealed the deal. The Thread sky rocketed and 6 walkers (two of those armored) entered the map, four of them close to Rick and Morgan.

Fourth time was the charm. I changed the gear a bit, giving both Rick and Morgan a shovel. Duane got armed with 2 empty bottles for creating some noise.

Sneaked around, a Car Alarm went off, drew in some walkers. Duane managed to turn off the alarm. A dumpster caught fire, turning walkers into undead torches. Made it off the board with three Supply Counters, no one wounded and with a ton of walkers on the board.

Very impressed with my first solo run. The game playes well in solo, it's no problem it being a bit hard. I actually thing it's important to make the game a bit harder using all Event Cards and adding some buildings.

Action shots

2 April 2018

TWD: Farm Equipment and finished Farm Board

The last couple of pieces I needed for my farm terrain, was a few hang-ons for the tractor. This is a couple of toys that I've found at a charity store, they cost less than $1 each.

I gave both of these machines a layer of cheap matt varnish spray, made out a few pieces with rust, then a heavy layer of washes. The dirt in the trailer is dried waste from my coffee pot, super glued on.

The pieces from cheap toys are nice terrain, for nothings and very quickly done.

Finished farm board 2'x4'
Here's a picture of all the farm terrain I've collected and painted up. Makes a finely densed 2'x4' board for The Walking Dead.

Also on this board is my barn, farm house and farm scatter.

31 March 2018

TWD: Barn

The barn is an iconic piece of terrain for The Walking Dead. I still remember the first time I read the comics and they survivors figure out what Hershell is hiding in his barn - and the TV show where Sophia is found as a walker inside.

This barn kit is from Figurebitz and made from mdf. Gary Robertson who's the designer, has plans to expand the kit with a removeable interior. And insert with hay loft and rooms for animals. I build my own from ice pop sticks.

I based the barn on a large piece of 3mm thick cardboard. Whenever I use cardboard for terrain, I always add a cross of duct tape on the back. This will create tension and prevent the cardboard from warping when glue and paint dries on the other side.

Needed some beam to hold up the hay loft I wanted to make. I cut of the ice sticks and glued the together, for a nice 28mm scaled beam.

Glued the beams to the cardboard base with super glue. Then make planks from ice pop sticks. I just went with it, didn't care too much that the loft was crooked, it should look old, worn and repaired.

The 'rooms' on the floor are thought for animals and is made from bbq-sticks of bamboo.
Most of the paint job was done with cheap rattle cans and the entire barn then had a wash of thinned down Army Painter strong tone wash. This ties the building nicely together with the farm house I've made - giving it all the same 'filter'.

The barn goes together very well with the other farm terrain I've made, including hay bales from hessian fabric.

29 March 2018

TWD: Farm House

I've wanted a farm house for TWD for a long time, but haven't really found a good one (that was within a reasonable price range). Red Beam Designs have made some nice wooden house for their not-woodbury range of products.

I painted this up quickly, with rattle cans. Using masking tape and paper, I covered of the different rooms and spray painted different colours. After base coating and assembling the house, I've given it all a wash of watered down Strong Tone. Around the roof, I've made some run off with Dark Tone.

The climbing greens is mixed up foam flock. It's glued on with super glue and have super glue dripped on it after drying - to make it much stronger.

At some point, I'll make a porch from ice pop sticks. That would add just the last, this piece needs to be a great farm house.

All the Red Beam Design buildings come with some furniture detailing, it was a nice little surprise. The bed seemed a bit flat, so added a piece of fabric to it as a blanket.

This little house has a decent size for gaming, enough room to play inside it and it's a great center piece for a 2'x2' board.

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