15 August 2017

Terrain: A farm

I want to cover all The Walking Dead scenarios with 3d terrain, instead of the cardboard stuff in the boxes from Mantic. I've already made terrain for the core game and Days Gone By. Here's my version of Dale's RV.

For Miles Behind Us it's all about making stuff that fit on the farm.

Fencing and gate
Made from looted MDF board, BBQ sticks, popsickle sticks and glue. Cut some bases for the fences from MDF, just a bit longer than the cardboard ones. It's good to keep them short, as it allows smaller sections to be taken out - by ramming, flames, explosions. The angles are cut, to allow setting up closed corners.

Drilled holes in the MDF to insert the BBQ sticks. Glued them on with wood glue. Let it dry. Then gave the entire thing another layer - to make sure the stay in place.
A drilled a hole in the base for the fence gate section. I inserted a magnet into the base and at the buttom of the gate. Allows it to open and close. Made sure the gate was wide enough for two 25mm bases side by side.

 Hay Bales
 First I wanted to make square hay bales, but I couldn't make it look right. The round ones (very common in Denmark in this size)  were super easy to make.

I got an old burlap sack for free at the grocery store. Cut it into strips, rolled them up to the right size, held them together with elastic bands. Small ones, used when the girls braid their hair. Let the hay bales soak up some drops of cheap super glue, to make them solid. Unfortunately the glue killed the rubber bands and made them break.

Base coated the hay bales brown, drybrushed with a couple different yellow and tan colours. I didn't add grass to the bases for these, as I want them to fit well outside and inside a barn loft.

A toy I snatch from my youngest son - he has a lot of tractors. This one seemed to fit in size really well. It's a pretty simple toy, with very little detailing - but a paint job does a lot about that.

Gave it all some pretty heavy washes of Agrax Earthshade, Nuln Oil, Dry Rust. The mud on the wheel and buttom are homemade: wood glue, cheap acryllic brown and used coffee grains.

The base is purely for aesthetics, it helps turn a toy into a model.

The cheapest door mats I could find. 1$ at a local flea market. I really like all the door mat fields out there. The problem with them, is how weird it looks when the models are walking on top of grown weat. These do a good job of looking like newly harvested fields.

The tire tracks were made with lots of wood glue, sand and thick acryllic paint.

A TWD board
Just got myself a Deepcut Studio mat. But these pictures were snapped before I got it. But here's the terrain on a standard 20" Mantic paper mat. Looks a lot better on the neoprene mat.

4 August 2017

The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us

Part of The Walking Dead kickstarter wave 2. This is what is also retail wave 2 and all the boosters for it (Ezekiel, Negan and Lee/Clementine boosters here).


Glenn and Carlos
It's lovely to finally have Glenn all painted up. I've been putting off playing through the first solo mission, because I didn't want to proxy the model. I've gone for a New York Yankees cap and a baseball jacket. Carlos is part of the Scavenger Crew from the base game, attacking the heroes when they're in Alexandria Safe Zone. Both of these are very nice miniatures, good poses and details. 
Chris and Julie
Lovers and only in the comics for a fairly short time. But it'll make for some interesting scenarios when I've painted up Tyreese. Running some games with their travels as a group, before joining the Survivors at the Prison.
Patricia and Otis
Friends of the Greene family. These were some decent sculpts to paint up. 
The Greene Family
Hershell and family ready to defend their farm. Still need to paint the twins, when they are released at some point as a retail exclusive booster.
Decided I need more than the two prisoner walkers from the next expansion. Two of the walkers in this box had clothes that would work well as prison jumpsuits. Added a bit of chain and some larger metal rings to make the tranformation complete.

 The beach bum walker I saw painted with an insanely well done Hawaii Shirt paint job. Tried to do something along those lines, but not nearly as good (far from). The little walker girl reminded me of Sophia. So I painted her in the same colours as Survivor Sophia. In the comics she's alove (as far as I've read), but it's nice for some TV series style scenarios.

3 August 2017

Slave Goblins - Blood Bowl and Frostgrave

Another set of characterful models from Admiralty Miniatures, part of the War Booty Of Ancient Times set. Nice resin casts, fairly simple models and quickly painted. Nice little details showing their slave status - like the little finger having been cut off.

Bloodweiser Slave
Decided to use this model here as a Bloodweiser Babe for Blood Bowl. I've gone for stone work bases, as I want to make some stone work dugouts - one day.

Packmule - Frostgrave
This little slave will be used as a packmule in my Frostgrave Chaos Dwarf warband. Don't think a warband will ever use the packmule, as he doesn't fight well and can still only carry one treasure. But he'll look nice in the group photos.

2 August 2017

Blood Bowl: Humans

I last played Blood Bowl years ago. Build most of my teams from various bits and pieces. Sold them off or reused the models when I lost interest. But Blood Bowl is a very nice game, so many people know the rules - so I needed a team for those one off games.

It's also a favourite of mine when doing hobby work - contained projects. That's why I love strike teams, warbands and the like.

I knew I had sufficient bits and bobs to make a human team, so that's what I started with.

When playing Blood Bowl it's essential to know which figures are the different player types. That can be very hard on homemade teams. So I've made some big differences on the team positions, so it'll be easy for my opponents to know which is which. 

I've grouped the player numbers, making it easy to overview when printing the roster before games.

The human models are all done with old and new Games Workshop Empire state troopers and militia. Had to paint strip and chop these - as I got these badly done in a trade. Arms from Empire, Perry Miniature mercenaries, Dark Eldar. All heads from Perry Model mercenaries.

All have numbered metal shoulder pads. Don't know where I got these from - but they go from 1-16.
Right shoulder pad is made from Dwarf face masks, form an old Games Workshop kit. But helps bind the team together.

Woodglue and sand on bases. Painted goblin green, with a few brown spot on half the bases. Superglue and static grass, leaving the brown earth spots. Added white stripes to roughly half the bases. Added blood here and there.

Regular ogre kingdoms model I got from a trade. Only a few conversions done:

- Brass knuckles from lizardmen Saurus clubs and greenstuff.
- Greenstuff feather in the helmet.
- Dwarf buckler kneepad, greenstuff strap.
- Empire eagle added to gut plate.
- Dark Eldar spikes added to bracers.

Telltale: Non needed - he's an ogre.

The glory boys, stars of the show - the upcomming Oberwalds. Tried to make sure these guys have more armor than the other members of the team.

- Gold details on armor
- Armor front and back torso (only ones)
- Flags on the helmet

Don't know if I'll ever need two on a team. But I want the option, if one of them get injured in league play. Chose open helmet for these guys, they need a good field of vision.

- Ball, made from greenstuff.
- Feathers in the helmet.
- No armor on body.

Awesome models, must have four of those on the table! Especially as they have been lowered in price in the new edition.Chose open helmets for better field of vision, they need to see the ball coming.

- Catcher gloves, from Mantic Games ghoul kit.
- No armor.
- Open helmets.

Taking up the last spaces on the team. Made sure these guys only had a breast plate - no armor on the back, To make them apart from the blitzers. One of them didn't have that #14, but had a shirt that could pass as plate armor. Added straps from greenstuff on the back, like the others.

- Closed helmets.

Couldn't find any of the old tokens for the game. So I decided to make my own with Renadra 25mm bases and Empire shield emblems. Used the same eagle as I put on the Ogre gut plate. My starting roster has 3 re-rolls. Made 4 so I also have one for kick-off table events. If I get a Leader Re-Roll, I'll have to make a token for that. 

7 July 2017

365 Paint Challenge - halfway report

Set myself a '365 models in a year' here in 2017.  After June, here's my project report. Counting terrain pieces, 3d counters, scatter terrain as models as well.

January (31): 25 TWD Survivors, 5 TWD cars, 4 barricades, 1 badge = 35 (+4)

February (28): 2 TWD barricades, 1 dumbster, 2 mailboxes, 11 loot counters, 6 tents, 1 campfire, 1 tank, 21 deadzone rebs = 45 (+17)

March (31): 31 deadzone plague, 1 RV, 1 Shipping Container, 17 trees = 50 (+19)

April (30): 20 DZ marauders, 1 Chaos dwarf, 1 mercenary ogre, 1 elevator tower, 12 palettes with cargo = 35 (+5)

May (31): 30 DZ asterians, 1 elf, 1 emisarry, 1 fuel depot = 33 (+2)

June (30): 20 TWD, 1 Chaos dwarf, 6 DZ enforcers, 5 Forge Fathers, 5 Ghouls = 37 (+7)

In all: 235 (based infantry models 167)

1 July 2017

Admiralty Miniatures: Scribe and Ghouls

Painted up another of Mathias Rizells awesome models from Admiralty Miniatures. This model is the scribe from the War Booty set. There's always a lot of small hidden details in the models Mathias makes, but the hat on this one is crazy.

I wasn't until I started painting the models, I've seen all the small stuff on the hat. Lightning bolts, bulls, tormented face - amazing.

Didn't have anything special planned for this guy. But I'm gonna use him as both an Apprentice or Apothecary in Frostgrave. And figured while painting it's also gonna make an excellent Trainer for a bloodbowl team.

Chaos Dwarf Warband - Frostgrave
First three models done for my Frostgrace Chaos Dwarf Warband.

Ghouls and Ghoul King
The ghoul king is a character in Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord. I've used a cheap Reaper Bones model for this one. Then got 4 Mantic ghouls for free by a very nice chap on Facebook. Enough for the King and his rutine.

Painted with necrotic flesh by army painter and then washed with a watered down light elf skin colour.

The skin is much better in real life, it was insanely difficult to get a good photo of the skin tone.

30 June 2017

The Walking Dead - Survivors and Walkers

King Ezekiel and Shiva
Released as 'retail exclusives' in wave 1. Being a fan of the comics I love these two, Ezekiel has one of the best character developments in the story. Shiva was a hard model to paint, no sculpted fur - all flat surface. I think the end result is pretty nice.

I base coated the model brown, paint the belly white and back orange. Gave it a couple of layers and then painted it with watered down orange and white - for a better transition.

Lee Everett and Clementine
The 'show exclusives' for 2017. I'm not really a fan of the exclusive tag on anything, it tends to only drive prices up on bad guy ebay auctions. The Telltale Games are brilliant, so I had to have these pair. Great models. For some reason the anti-shine wouldn't take the shine of the varnish. Have to get a paint on matt varnish and try a layer of that.

Walkers from Negan and Ezekiel boosters
The walkers from the boosters. Nice shamblers.

Christian over at Pimp My Boardgame have made a nice Lurker Card. A type of walker, that starts the game inactive and might wake up if a survivor gets too close. I decided to use a couple of dublicate models to make myself some.

I simply hot water bend the models and stuck them to a base. Unfortunately they have over time straightende out a bit. But they still look good. Painted them as the standing counter parts - even tried to copy the blood spatter.

I'll be using the Lee and Clemtine walkers as a lurker as well.

Backpack / loot token walkers
The Walking Dead Fanatics Facebook Group is a really good community.  Lots of friendly people and inspiration. The inspiration for these walkers come from that group. Made with some resin bergen rucksacks from Anvil Industries and greenstuff straps.

In game these will work as regular walkers, but when getting killed they'll then drop a loot token on the ground.

The Herd!
The ever growing Herd. At this time it's up to 43 walkers and I still have Farm, Prison and Woodbury expansions to do. Very nice, haven't even been near to putting them all on the table.